Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Municipal and General Elections in Belize to Be Held On The Same Day in 2012

It is now official from the office of the Prime Minister that both Municipal Elections and General Elections will both be held on the same day in the nation of Belize. The date for both elections has been scheduled for March, 7th, 2012, a day when all concerned and devoted Belizeans will go to the polls to elect the government that they see fit to run the nation of Belize.
Today the Prime Minister of Belize made the official announcement via this video released by the Government of Belize Press Office who also posted the video on YouTube.

In the past people have voted "Blue" or "Red" because their families have been branded but we ask that you step out of the mold and use your own sense of judgement and make an informed decision of your own. Make the decision to select who you would like to see as the ruling government of the beautiful nation of Belize.

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