Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Belize is a Bird Watchers and Birding Paradise

Great Heron
Photo by: Will Moreno

Belize is a Bird Watchers and Birding Paradise in Central America and the Caribbean.
Here is a list of some Birding Hot Spots in Belize listed by the Belize Audubon Society.

In speaking to Dirk Francisco of the Belize Audobon Society we found some very interesting facts.
Fact #1 - Once very popular as a household pet in Belize. The Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot (Amazona Oratrix) is now a critically endangered specie.

Fact #2 - Some new species of birds have found thier way to Belize and two of those confirmed are the Red Head Duck and the Green Wing Teal.

If you would like more information of Birding or Bird Watching in Belize feel free to contact the Belize Audobon Society.

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