Monday, June 20, 2011

Real Estate Hot Spot in Central America and the Caribbean


There is a small Central American Nation that has a lot in common with the Caribbean, and is certainly a new hot spot. It has certainly been making headlines around the world in travel articles. So many people from all over the world primarily Canada, United States, Europe and the UK are choosing to purchase a retirement home, second home or invest in property in this small nation.
One of the reasons so many choose this country is because it's the only English speaking Central American country, which makes communicating with the locals easy and also facilitates your move. If you are wondering which country we are talking about you have to wait no longer. This country with so much beauty packed within its borders is most certainly, Belize.

Belize offers a diverse landscape. If you are looking for beachfront properties, private islands, farm lands or a secluded jungle home in the rainforests or mountains, look no further than Belize. You can choose to live in the city or in the rural areas. You will find that the real estate prices vary depending on the area that you choose. You will find that the prices in Belize City, Consejo Shores, San Pedro - Ambergris Caye and Placencia are generally higher than those in the rural areas of Belize.

The world's economy has certainly affected Belize, and since the start of the economic downturn, Belize has seen  as much as 30-35% depreciation in real estate values in some areas. This makes Belize the real hot spot of Central America and the Caribbean when it comes to purchasing real estate. It has become a real buyer's market with prices certainly being negotiable. We have seen rare discounts by as much as 50% on some land and homes. Comparing Belize's prices to that of the United States or Europe, Belize prices are still relatively low. Therefore, Belize is an excellent location for investment.
The Government of Belize as Well as the Belize Tourism Board has been promoting Belize, not only as a vacation destination, but offering Belize as Retirement Destination for expats to purchase a primary residence, second home or vacation home. For those that will be retiring in Belize, they can certainly take advantage of the Qualified Retirement Programme (QRP Program) which offers tax benefits to retirees.

If you are considering making the move to Belize or investing in real estate in this small Central American and Caribbean nation be sure to do all the necessary research or talk to a Belize Relocation Consultant about areas that would be most desirable to you.

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