Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Experience Mouth-Watering Foods and Refreshing Drinks at Madda Fish Restaurant and Bar in Belize City


If you are looking for great food at a bargain price, Madda Fish Restaurant and Bar in Belize City is the place to be.

We were recently invited to visit Madda Fish Restaurant and Bar to taste the unique creations of Chef Dwayne Lizama . Madda Fish Restaurant is an experience worth having as their professional staff greets you immediately upon entry into a large and well decorated dining room with bold and vibrant colors that whet the appetite.  We were serviced immediately at our table and were offered what most restaurants serve like the usual soda, beers and liquor, however what's different is they also serve healthy fruit and vegetable juices like the spinach, carrot, beet among others for the heath conscious individual. We tried something a little different on the recommendation of the staff and that was their new mix of cucumber and ginger juice. To our delight it was not only delicious, but very refreshing and fitting for a warm day in Belize.

While sitting down and sipping on our drinks the waitress brought us our appetizer platter of pita wedges with a topping of seafood pate. Whilst savoring every bite of the appetizer that was very delicious the conversation quickly turned to the whimsical names of the dishes served, like the Flippin Fish, Rasta Pasta, Belikin Fish, Big Ass Burrito among others and if bored you can always look at the menu for a hint of funny quotes like the one shown here.
As the afternoon of fun and laughter continued we got our main course of Madda Fish's famous Reef and Beef Burgers as well as the Reef Sandwiches. Truly a work of art by Chef Dwayne Lizama to look at but equally delicious to devour. The Reef and Beef burger was stacked with a juicy beef pattie with melted cheese, succulent shrimps, crispy bacon with crisp vegetables with a side of potato wedges and coleslaw. The Reef Sandwich contained a stir fried melody of succulent shrimps, broccoli and veggies prepared just perfectly with bacon all delicately wrapped in a fresh pita bread with a side of potato wedges and coleslaw. 

Madda Fish Restaurant and Bar also serves a health conscious menu and provides take out lunch for only $10.00. Free Delivery can be arranged for every $25.00 spent providing its within city limits. For food at 12PM (Noon) make sure to call at 11 AM.
Madda Fish Restaurant and Bar is certainly the place to have a wonderfully prepared meal by a local Belizean Chef that will not only have you licking your fingers but be able to have peace of mind knowing that you paid a great price for great food.

Madda Fish Restaurant and Bar is located at #4 Bishop Street in Belize City, Belize open Monday - Wednesday from 10 AM to 3 PM and Thursday - Saturday from 10 AM to 10 PM. To place your orders or reservations call 207-0949. 

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