Saturday, March 10, 2012

La Ruta Maya River Challenge 2012 has begun

La Ruta Maya River Challenge 2012 got underway yesterday at the very early hour of 7 AM with over 70 participants starting just under the historic Hawksworth Bridge, that spans between the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio, on the Macal River . They paddled feverishly to the cheering public that lined the banks of the river and the bridge.

This grueling 4 day, 170 mile canoe race surely tests the endurance, strenght and will of men and women alike up until the very last day of the race. The race begins under the Hawksworth Bridge on the Macal River and ends at the Belcan Bridge in Belize City.

View the race categories and route

Photos of the Start of the Ruta Maya

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  1. This La Ruta Maya River Challenge looks interesting and hope I visited it more earlier so that I refer this to my friend abroad.