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Belize's Best All Natural Soap with Healing Qualities

Belize is known for many wonderful things and we travelled to San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize to find a home based operation that has made ripples in the natural healing, skin beauty, skin health and skin care product world. We would like to introduce you to a soap that we have tried and tested and are happy to report that we do not think we will use any other soap other than the "Rubba Dub Soap". After using this soap we felt relaxed, refreshed and clean.

Rubba Dub Soap Company in Belize was founded in 1998 by a local Belizean entrepreneur, Lidie Allen, who has made this family operation and home based business a nationwide phenomenon. Rubba Dub Soap Company is now exporting their all natural hand made soaps internationally to resorts and individuals who enjoy their natural healing abilities. When asked why she created the company to create all natural soaps she will be glad to tell you that she has met many people who have battled skin conditions like herself. In trying to cure her skin condition and help other people she was keen on creating an all natural soap with all Belize's natural products that had healing qualities. Lidie's husband, Edward Allen, urged her to create the first soaps and helped her to procure the natural ingredients that were necessary. She gave the soaps as gifts to people and finding that the soaps not only helped her with her skin condition but also helped other people, she decided to make it on a larger scale so that others may enjoy their healing abilities. Today during the week you can find Lidie Allen with her sisters Iliana Moreno and Gloria Fearnow busy at work emulsifying oils and creating these one of a kind healing soaps at their home base in the hills of the Cahal Pech area of San Ignacio Town. How fitting it is that the Mayas were the first to use natural ingredients with healing properties.

Rubba Dub Soap Company's handmade/handcrafted natural healing and beauty soaps are specially formulated  to deliver the very best in skin care while using 100% safe and truly natural ingredients that are carefully chosen for their many benefits to include moisturizing, cleansing and soothing capabilities. Some of those ingredients include Cohune, Coconut and Olive oils as well as other essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, spices and other natural ingredients which remain a secret for infringement purposes. Rubba Dub Soaps make all of their handmade soaps in small batches to ensure the quality of each batch. They hand stir, hand cut and hand wrap every bar. They even make their own wrappers. Every bar of soap is given a long cure period so that when it is finally cured the bar is mild and ready to use. What is amazing is that Rubba Dub ensures that all their soaps remain all natural not using any harmful synthetic chemicals, animal by-product/animal fat, artificial dyes, preservatives, synthetic fragrance oils or detergents.

Many entrepreneurial soap companies in Belize have gone to leaps and bounds to try and copy their secret ingredients but none have come close to matching it. Many of these companies use a natural base but still add synthetic ingredients while still calling it a 'natural' soap. Most commercial soaps on the market today are harsh, dry out and irritate your skin with prolonged use and nearly all skin and body care products are laden with synthetic chemicals we would all be better off not putting on our skin every day.

Rubba Dub Soap Company's natural soaps and healing abilities are:

Cinnamon Spice -  A mild astringent, antibacterial, great for oily skin and for acne. After a hard day of work, it carries cinnamon essential oil as well as orange. Makes you smell clean all day long.

Honey Oat - Has a fine emollient touched with honey and palmarosa, excellent for troubled skin such as, psoriasis, extra dry skin, chicken pox, acne. It is so soft yet effective that even babies can use it.

Lemon Lavender - Carries a touch of lemon grass, lavender, lemon oil, which is a must when you have  a tired and achy body, after a  hard days work , or stressed. Excellent before bedtime.

Herbal Essence - This soap is an antiseptic, is so soothing on sun burnt skin as it has  healing oils such as rosemary, eucalyptus and other herbs which protects the skin in the summer as well as winter. Excellent for mosquito bites and rashes.

Jungle Splash - brings soothing blends of rosemary, geranium , lavender to refresh your body and your mind. When feeling stressed or overworked, bring the jungle to you.

Ginger Burst - An astringent , yet mild enough to soothe your skin and stimulate all your muscles, great to refresh you before a days work.

Soothing Scents - this soap is the best when you simply want to enjoy a scent that is so relaxing and invigorating, yet healing as it carries chamomile, palma rosa and geranium, if you are stressed the essential oils it carries will relax you.

Orange Swirl - So refreshing, rich with vitamin C, it relaxes your muscles , great for circulation. Moisturizes dry scaly skin and scalp.

Tropical Spice - Has such a crisp tropical scent that is invigorating , has chocolate, it leaves a wonderful smooth feeling on the skin, the essential oils it carries is used for muscle spasms, articular aches and pain, yet moisturizes the skin and scalp.

Carribbean Cool - Leaves a feeling of freshness with a minty smell, refreshes you in the hot summer, or at the cayes. It is safe to use on the most intimate parts of your body leaving a feeling of clean and it won't overdry the skin.

Many hotels and resorts in Belize are proudly featuring Rubba Dub soaps. They are not only offering the scents of Belize but also getting guests to relax and truly enjoy their Belizean Experience. The guests of such hotels and resorts have taken soaps back to their native countries to always remind them of their experience in Belize whenever they take a shower or bath and relax using the soothing scents and healing soaps. It's truly an experience worth having that will not only leave your skin feeling clean and healthy but also soft and smooth. If you have not tried a Rubba Dub soap yet you should make every effort to do so. We will never use another commercially produced soap bar again after having tried Rubba Dub Soaps. If you want to find out more or to place an order for your natural healing soaps, contact:
Rubba Dub Soap Company
c/o Lidie Allen
San Ignacio, Cayo District of Belize
Phone: +501-824-3100

RUBBA DUB SOAP - Not just a soap, but truly an experience.

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