Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Christmas Giving - Bringing Smiles to the Faces of Children

"A Christmas Giving" is a cause to help children of less fortunate families and bring smiles to their faces by offering them a gift for Christmas. These children would have normally not recieved a gift during this precious time of year, a season of giving, the holiday time of year we all know as Christmas.

Belize Association of California, and Platinum International Real Estate have taken on the task of conducting charity drives in the United States and in Belize to benefit the less fortunate children. Everyone has seen the disparaging effects of the economy on many peoples lives but despite all that it's very encouraging to say that it has been a great success and they plan of continuing the effort year after year to bring these smiles to the children.

In a conjunction of efforts they have collected new and used toys, clothes and other items for boys, girls and babies which will go a long way.

If you have used toys that are working and clothes that your kids are not using, they would be more than happy to collect them from you for this worthy cause. So please friends, let’s put a smiles of the faces of less fortunate children. However small your donation can be, it will be greatly appreciated and will be going toward a great cause.
USA: 714-715-2836
Belize: 501-664-1630

They know there is a place in your heart and a willingness to give to the less fortunate children especially during the season of giving. Please help to put a smile on the faces of children for the season of Christmas.

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