Monday, September 7, 2009

Andrew Zimmern Bizarre World’s - Belize Segment Premiers Tuesday, September 8th at 10PM ET

World Famous Andrew Zimmern, a food writer, TV personality, chef, teacher and host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, was in the country filming the first episode for his new TV Show Bizarre Worlds. The show will feature different aspects of the countries he visits and Zimmern’s piece on Belize will showcase art, Mayan sites, caves, cayes and of course, food.

Andrew arrived in Belize on Monday, April 6, and was filming throughout the week. “This is our first show in the Bizarre World series. So it is a really a momentous occasion for us and we’re just thrilled to be able to kick it off in Belize,” commented Zimmern

According to Zimmern he had wanted to visit Belize for the past 15 years but was unable to do so because of his hectic work schedule and was extremely pleased to finally visit the country and to film his show here.

Andrew Zimmern Belizean adventure includes swimming with sharks and sting rays, exploring the hidden underworld of the caves (Actun Tunichil Muknal) and sinks his teeth into Mayan-style pork brains and the country’s most prized rodent, the Gibnut.

Zimmern considered this experience one of the highlights of his trip so far. “That is what I will never forget. It was like a museum without the four walls. Seeing the site through the eyes of our guides was what made it amazing. That is what is beautiful about this country, the ability to enjoy the Maya heritage and the jungles, but also being able to experience the beauty of the Caribbean Sea with spectacular marine life,” explained Zimmern.

“There are more than just ancient Mayan cultures and beaches here. Now we are exploring both of those because we think there are interesting stories for folks who will never make it here but we also want to talk about the Creole population,” commented Zimmern. “We also want to talk about the indigenous food; we want to take our cameras into the art parks, connect people in the rest of the world, it shows in 70 countries.” The show airs in 70 countries that will see the people of Belize and show what really makes Belize truly the Best Kept Secret of The Caribbean.

Belize will be the first episode of Bizarre World, which premiers on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. Be sure to mark your calendars and tune into the Travel Channel at 10:00 p.m. eastern time.

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  1. I really enjoyed the first episode of Bizzare World. Beilze is an awesome place. Proud to be a Belizean!