Friday, April 17, 2009

Who is buying property in Central America?

There has been a trend in recent years for many North American and European, Canadians and Asian buyers to purchase real estate in what are seen as developing or emerging economies. In Europe much of the focus has been on the emerging economies of the former Soviet Union, Morocco, southern Europe and the Caribbean. In North America the focus has been very strongly on the Caribbean, Central and Latin America. The US State Department estimates that about 380,000 Social Security cheques are delivered to beneficiaries outside the US each month. Almost four million Americans, not including embassy officials and the military, are now living overseas.

Many Central American countries offer impressive incentive packages for retirees. The economic benefit of a retiree migration to Central America is a two way street. “Retirees get a lower cost of living, warm weather and more economic housing and create a virtuous cycle in return: more retirees equals more local jobs, resulting in more economic stability and less political stability, resulting in more retirees” If you have any questions about this artice please write to
Platinum International Real Estate and Investments

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