Sunday, February 28, 2010

Working with a Platinum International Real Estate and Investments Agent Vs. Working Alone

What are the benefits of selling your home with a Platinum International Real Estate agent?

A good real estate agent brings experience and knowledge to the home-selling experience that can ease the process for their clients.
Pricing a home correctly is the key step to a successful sale, and an agent's experience selling other homes in your area and knowledge of the market as whole, can help him or her determine how to price your home to sell.
A good real estate agent is also familiar with local laws, like those regarding issues you may have to disclose to potential sellers, and will be familiar with staging a home -- ways to arrange furniture and belongings so the space appeals to potential home buyers.
An experienced agent will also know where and how to advertise your home for optimum exposure and will handle placing the listings for you. The price of advertising is usually included in the agent's commission at the end of the sale and not before.
Once there is interest, he or she will then take potential home buyers on tours of your house and will often arrange open houses or private tours.
According to the National Association of Realtors, home sellers who use an agent receive 16 percent more for their homes.

What does a Platinum International Real Estate agent do for you?

Your real estate agent does a lot to earn that commission and you may never be aware of the work that went into selling your home.

•Your agent will collaborate with you to correctly price your home. As a seller, you may use home valuation tools, but it's best to work with your agent to make sense of all the information you collect. They will use their market knowledge to figure out a price that will get someone to buy your home, but will also get you the most for your home.

•Their will handle buyer inquiries and home showing, a process that can be time-consuming if you have a busy wor schedule or social life. They may get calls from people who are just kicking the tires and don't intend to buy soon, as well as calls from people who are serious about purchasing a home. Your real estate agent will spend much of their time talking to buyers to decipher which are serious and which are not as well as giving tours of your home.

•They will handle all the advertising. They know what works: which Web sites get results and which magazines and newspapers are most often read by potential home buyers. They will take care of taking pictures of your home to post on the Web or in ads and will update postings and listings. You'll never have to think about it.

•Your agent can help you stage your home before showing it to potential buyers. Many professionals say the first impression can make or break a deal. The agent will know how to clear out the clutter and arrange your furniture to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.
Choose a Platinum International Real Estate agent today!

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